10 Changes in Appearance That Many People Now Regret

Fashion is a volatile and fickle beast. We frequently buy the most unusual items in an attempt to appear trendy. This has no effect on anything but our wallets. However, sometimes beauty standards demand that we modify something about our bodies. And this is always risky: a popular trend may fade quickly, but the modifications we’ve done to our bodies will last permanently.

Eyelash extensions

If certain standards are followed, getting eyelash extensions is a regular and relatively safe operation. It is preferable to avoid them for an extended period of time. You may get them for a particular event and then take them off afterwards.

According to eye professionals, using eyelash extensions might slow down the growth of your natural lashes. Dry eye condition is another risk. Also, make sure you don’t have an adverse response to the adhesive that the lashes require before proceeding.

  • First and foremost, I adored extensions when I first started using them! But after 6 months, I decided to quit since they fell out far too readily and looked pretty ragged by the second week. When they are removed, the aftermath is not nice. Because my lashes were weakened at various locations, it appeared like parts of them had been hacked off with scissors. Reddit user sadiebenz


The trends that determine which brow shape is favoured shift with the seasons. Really thin brows were popular about 30 years ago. Then they were replaced with thick brows, and it seemed that this cycle will never cease.

Microblading and tattooing are become highly popular cosmetic treatments. It’s convenient since you only have to buy it once and then upgrade it every few months. Of course, the artist you choose is critical. If you wind up with asymmetric brows, it will take a long time for everything to return to normal.

  • I plucked my brows till they were pencil-thin in high school and my first year of college because I believed they looked attractive at the time. When I think back to the period when thin brows were popular, I can’t believe I didn’t see that they didn’t fit my face at all. Quora / Joy Keeler
  • I opted to get microblading done. Initially, the artist suggested putting black brows (I’m ginger with light complexion). I insisted on a colour scheme of auburn and mocha. Unfortunately, he used the incorrect ink, and the chocolate colour faded, leaving me with orange brows. This hue remains with me. Elle Hayes (Quora)


Piercings were quite popular between the end of the 1990s and the start of the 2000s. Pierced noses, brows, lips, and other body parts were quite appealing and interesting.

The belly button was the most popular location for piercing. Celebrities were the first to initiate the trend. Ordinary females rushed to piercing artists after seeing photographs of famous musicians with rings in their belly buttons.

  • I’m sorry I got my navel pierced. My piercing became entangled in clothes and was torn out, leaving a rough scar. My tongue piercing also caused extensive damage to my teeth. Quora / Christi Zelaya


Tattoos are extremely common and nothing out of the ordinary about them. If you’re lucky enough to meet a gifted artist, you may end up with a genuine work of art on your body. Tattoos are excellent for concealing scars and cosmetic skin flaws. The most essential thing is to select an image that you genuinely like so that you may enjoy the tattoo long after whatever is popular has passed.

  • I was rash and wanted one RIGHT NOW. I didn’t do my homework and didn’t go to a reputable store. I didn’t even pay attention to the warning flags that told me the area I was in wasn’t safe. Going to a shady facility to obtain a permanent addition to my body was a terrible idea. Nonetheless, I went. I received my favourite band’s album cover at the time. The tattoo did not come out nicely. I kept it there for approximately three years.I then covered it up. Depending on the tattoo, this might be a tough or simple operation. Fortunately, my first tattoo was simple and merely black, so it wasn’t too tough to conceal. Quora / Ashley Starr
  • I almost immediately regretted getting my Chinese script tattoo (…which, as usual, didn’t express what it was meant to say)… I eventually covered it with a fantastic raven! © niky45 / Reddit

Stretched ears

This style is less common than normal piercing and appears far more strange. Ordinary holes are expanded to enormous proportions using special rings.

The only issue is that these holes never truly close. You will require surgery with stitches to close the hole.

  • I can tell you from personal experience that there is a bad method to expand your ears. The last thing you want to do is force it! I used a taper to go from 7/8′′ to 1′′ and pushed it through, splitting the top of my lobes. It was a nightmare getting it to heal, and no matter how long I keep it out, the scar tissue would not let the holes to shut any smaller than 5/8′′. However, as a general rule, earlobe repair involves plastic surgery. Quora / Daniel Caldwell


For a long time, the golden hue of the body was thought to be particularly appealing. Everyone would spend the entire day at the beach during the summer. People frequently visited tanning clinics during the winter, when there was little sunlight.

Sunbathing was terrible for the skin, causing wrinkles, dry skin, and inflammation. And these aren’t even the worst of the adverse effects.

  • When I was in high school in the 2000s, it was the period of glamour, when females wore high heels and my peers frequented tanning clinics. They appeared to spend their entire lives in the desert. It didn’t appear to be in good health. Our chemistry teacher tried to convey to them that it was bad for their health, but they were deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafen Anyway, 12 years after we graduated from high school, they seem much older than everyone else: wrinkles, droopy skin. It’s nice that tanning is no longer fashionable.

Acrylic nails

This is a highly common practise that began in the previous century. Although acrylic is not harmful in and of itself, you must nevertheless allow your nails to rest when applying it. Although the acrylic layer protects the nails from harm, the nails themselves weaken and become fragile.

  • Unfortunately, artificial nails permanently damage your natural nails. My nails were brittle and thin. Quora / Katie Gall Costa
  • I used to have acrylics, but they were bad for my nails, so I stopped. If the cap comes off from the nail and moisture seeps through, a fungus may form. You must visit a hairdresser and apply acetone. You cannot remove the cover on your own because you risk damaging the top layer of your natural nail (or even the nail itself). Quora / Sandy Andina

Colored lenses

Colored lenses alter the appearance of the eyes. If you acquire it after consulting with an eye specialist, this is a completely safe accessory. You should only acquire these items from reputable companies, otherwise you risk permanently damaging your eyes.

  • I’ve been wearing contacts for almost 15 years. I once decided to get some nice coloured glasses from an unknown provider. After a few minutes, I had to remove them. I had the sensation that there was sand in my eyes. They stung for a week after that, and I had to wear glasses.

Dermal piercing

Dermal piercings on your skin are really appealing. You don’t need to buy rings, bracelets, or necklaces since you can embed them in your skin.

The most crucial thing is to pick the correct location. The greatest alternatives are not your fingers, lips, back, or shoulders. Clothes and other items will become entangled all the time, injuring the skin.

  • Despite my great track record of healing piercings, my dermals were refused around 4 months after I had them. They were close to where my bra strap would rub, but I feel they would have rejected even if I had moved them an inch. These were the most painful to receive and the only piercings I ever got rid of. If you try dermals, be sure to do it in an area where there will be minimum discomfort. / Quora / Cheyenne K

Permanent makeup

Permanent makeup is an excellent option for those who are allergic to cosmetics. The primary problem, though, is in its name. Only laser correction can remove the makeup. As a result, you must select the best personnel to carry out this treatment.

  • I was persuaded to have lower lash line eyeliner and a blowout. I now have the appearance of an ex-con with a tear in my eye. Quora / Anonymous
  • Never use permanent eyeliner!! It will harm your Meibomian glands and cause persistent dry eye. It’s quite dangerous. Reddit / b***sinseats
  • To be honest, avoid permanent makeup. The event semi-permanently changes hues, and as you age, your tattoos droop… Speaking from personal experience. Reddit snapplesss

Trying to develop your own distinct style is an intriguing endeavour. The most essential thing is to know what you want rather than what fashion dictates.

Have you ever modified your look to attempt to keep up with current trends? Do you have any regrets?

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