15 People Who Could Beat Comedians at Their Own Game

According to one study, laughter may improve our well-being, thus it may be the greatest treatment for some. Fortunately, the world is filled of humorous people who never miss an occasion to use their sense of humour. They never skip a beat, whether it’s to get out of a bad circumstance or to make fun of a loved one!

1. “After undergoing eye surgery, my father selected this restaurant for lunch.”

2. “I had some slack skin after losing 70 lbs.”

“I told my kids I was going to make garden beds, and they built this.”

“I believed I had depression for years.” But I recently discovered that it’s due of a sad duck who dwells where my brain should be.”

5 “How I explained to my husband that I had accidently shrunk his beloved wool sweater”

“Everyone was bashing their heads as they walked down my stairs, so I put a caution sign.”

“At a wedding, my girlfriend inadvertently put herself into a great moment.”

“My sister received her senior pictures back.”

“I asked, ‘How tall are you?'” He delivered it to me.”

The card reads:

“Yes I am tall. I am 6’10’’ (No I’m not kidding. Yes, that is tall)
No, I do not play basketball. I play volleyball.
Yes, seeing the tops of everyone’s head is weird.
Yes, the weather is nice up here.
This has been a great conversation.”

“My girlfriend broke up with me and then came up at my place two weeks later with this.”

“After my heart operation, I joked with my sister that I could use an Apple Watch due to its heart rate monitor.” “She came through.”

“I went shopping and purchased myself a lovely new scarf and headband.” “It was made from the receipt.”

“I recently became a father and put on my ‘uniform’ while still in the hospital.” I’ve been planning this for quite some time.”

“I spent 10 minutes photographing my wife.” I asked her to repay the favour when she was ultimately satisfied.”

“I was told I resembled a Bratz doll, so I chose to accept it.”

Do you consider yourself to be amusing? Let’s hear your best joke!

Preview photo credit chucktestad / Reddit

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