17 Girls Who Decided to Say No to Shaving and Let Their Body Hair Be Free

Girls are frequently exposed to aesthetic standards that have been in place for decades. Nobody knows where these norms came from, but the reality is that more and more daring women are emerging who dare to challenge and shatter these limits in order to liberate their femininity from past standards.

“I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve forgotten that having armpit hair is unusual.”

“I am in favour of body hair!” Everyone’s fault! Why get rid of what we all have!? “Naturally and proudly!”

“Shaving is tedious.”

“We’re going outside today.”

“After running photographs”

“Don’t be ashamed, don’t shave.”

“I haven’t shaved anywhere in two years!”

“I haven’t shaved my pits in ages.”

“I married today and used my natural body hair as a lovely adornment.”

“I wish I had stopped using razors sooner.”

“I adore not shaving — freedom!”

“I can’t fathom not having hair right now.” I’ve been thinking of dying it.”

“Living a hate-free existence”

“I feel amazing today!”

“A cheerful, hairy hippy’s smile”

“This will be my first summer without shaving.” 

“This will be my first summer without shaving.” I feel self-conscious at times, but generally powerful.”

“I’m going to miss those summer winds.” Until next time!”

What other standardised canon of beauty for females do you believe is ridiculous?

Preview photo credit hiddenmutant / Reddit

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