18 Enigmatic Photos That Show a “Hidden” Side of Common Things

Most of the items in our environment are part of our everyday lives, and as a result, we tend to lose interest in them. However, if we look at objects from a different angle, they might draw our attention with hidden forms or silhouettes.

  1. “Hmm… Did anyone else miss out on black garlic?”

“This is the interior of a cow’s mouth.”

“The interior of a hose resembles a water balloon.”

“A wasp nest has been built on the window.”

“Corn smut from my garden”

“A constellation guide is sewed onto the dry bag that houses my tent.”

“I discovered I could see my veins when testing my Wyze camera for water damage.”

This is how a sewing machine looks on the inside.

“My Quay crane’s interior and controls/ship to shore crane”

“She’s got two sets of bottom fangs right now!”

“A CT scanner, but without the white plastic casing”

“My vitiligo beneath the black light”

“Inside the cab of a 240-foot tower crane”

“When you pour drink to this Japanese cup, it shows a portrait of a woman.”

“I have too many bones in my mouth.”

“My trash truck’s interior and controls”

“In Norway, a roundabout within a tunnel”

A theft deterrent tag

Is there anything in your home that is familiar to you but not to others?

Preview photo credit underbo***ff / Reddit

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