20 Tips Shared By “Street Smart” People That Can Be Helpful At Times

Cities and jungles are quite similar, with the exception that the latter is composed of brick and concrete. They can be difficult to negotiate at times, and there are certain dangers lying behind them. So knowing certain street “life hacks” will help you avoid being caught in risky circumstances out there.

That is exactly what the Reddit user LegalCriminal69’s topic is about. The OP inquired of veterans about living on the streets and being very alert of potential threats. Scroll down to view our list of the most beneficial replies to employ on your walk home from work tomorrow.

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Walk confidently, straightly, and little quicker than your typical speed.


Do not approach strangers and do not allow them to stop you on the street. Simply keep walking.

A stranger approaching you and asking, “Can I ask you a question?” brings nothing beneficial. – You’ll be trapped in a protracted chat that finishes with a money request.

Grown males do not seek assistance from women or children. They have a hidden agenda.

Grown guys, if you are among the 1% who approach women on the street for assistance, please stop, and please stop appearing astonished when we are terrified of you. This is how we vanish.

Never gaze down at the earth with your eyes. Maintain your focus on what’s in front of you and be aware of your surroundings.

Understand that thieves rely on their victims to be courteous and not make a disturbance or draw attention to themselves. Scream and holler when anything bad happens to you. Make it known you’re in danger.

If you’re in a major city or town and a swarm of youngsters is around you, keep your hands in your pockets and don’t allow them get behind you. Some will try to distract you, while others will attempt to pickpocket you.

There are several ways to go home. If you observe something suspicious on your usual path, you’re better off taking the long route than becoming engaged with whatever is going on.

Don’t cross a major street 20 feet from a traffic signal.
Another day to live.

If someone takes you and begins walking you, collapsing like dead weight will not help them get you anywhere. Then yell “bloody murder!”

Always appear to know where you’re headed.

There is no shame in fleeing a conflict.

Nothing was visible to you. Continue to move.

When walking around, use windows and mirrors to glance behind you. It’s faster than taking out your phone and utilising the camera.

Never allow somebody to take you to a secondary location.

Trust your feelings of discomfort or unease. 

When I’ve felt anxious when travelling around my neighbourhood, I’ve always seen or heard of anything strange going on.

Maintain your wallet in your front pocket.


When you’re a female and alone, never show fear or nervousness. If a man tries to entice you, it may seem counterintuitive, but being friendly and in control is preferable to being hostile.

“Hello, hon! I’m in a rush, so I hope you’re doing well!” And as you wave and grin, you’ll laugh and move faster.

  • A lady who travels alone and has strolled through some dangerous areas around 3 a.m.


Assess the environment and identify all possible escape routes if you are immobile for an extended length of time (e.g., a bus stop). 

Check around for anything you might use as a weapon to level the score. 

I frequently use the escape route while I’m in a waiting area, such as a doctor’s office, presumably because I become bored rapidly. 

I, too, am a people watcher, so I’m always conscious of how many people are around and how much energy each of them brings to the room.


Don’t be the one to start a conflict; it’s not worth it.

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