Cockatoo loves busting moves with Latin dancer owner: ‘He’s the perfect partner’

Meet Mambo, a 20-year-old cockatoo who enjoys Bad Bunny and dancing with his owner.

Franklin Liranzo was struck by Mambo seven months ago when he discovered the bird ‘dancing’ on his own in a pet shop cage.

Franklin believes Mambo was abused by his previous owners, but his sad past is far from his happy present.

Franklin, a professional Latin dancer, claims they warm up and practise together and ‘buzz off each other’s energy.

‘Mambo is my perfect dancing partner,’ Franklin, from Long Island City, New York, said. We get a buzz from each other’s energy.

‘When I get home and need to re-energize, I put on one of my playlists, and he always dances with me.’ He’s a true party animal.

‘Because I dance professionally, I’m always playing a variety of music, and when he likes a song, he’ll bob his head up and down.’

‘He reacted differently to Titi Me Pregunto, and his jumping on the bed revealed how much he enjoys that song. That means he’s ecstatic about it.

‘I believe it’s because of the fast and jumpy beat, and the song is very catchy.’ He enjoys other types of music, but does not respond well to slow music.’He was already dancing when I first saw him, so I believe he was born a dancer.’ That’s why I gave him the name Mambo. He dances when he wakes up and when he goes to bed.’

Mambo’s home with Franklin and his husband Rosario Manella, 33, is ideal for him because he reacts angrily to women.

‘Whenever we leave the house, we leave the music on so he has something to listen to,’ Franklin explained.

‘It’s a pleasure to dance with him. Whatever I can do to make him happy is fantastic.’

Mambo waits on Franklin’s bed for his favourite Bad Bunny song to begin before happily bobbing his head to the music.

When Franklin stands up to participate, the white cockatoo starts jumping up and down before weaving from side to side, as if imitating his owner.

Franklin’s Mambo videos have nearly 700,000 likes on TikTok, and he’s thrilled that they’ve been able to brighten so many people’s days.

‘Omg!’ one person exclaimed. That is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen, especially when he starts hopping up and down!’

‘I need to go party with him,’ wrote another.

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