Couple with 25-year age gap say people often think they’re father and daughter

Although the road to true love is rarely easy, most couples do not have to cope with being mistaken for father and daughter when out and about.

That’s the case with Samantha Stinchcombe, 25, and chef Billy Hughes, 50, of Baltimore, Maryland, who have been together for three years.

Billy is old enough to be Samantha’s father, so they’re frequently misidentified as father and daughter, but the couple says they’re unconcerned with their age difference.

Sharing photos and videos of their love online, they’ve gotten a mix of favourable and negative feedback, with some criticising their age gap.

Negative comments abound on Sam’s page, with several asking her to be their sugar baby and more saying “that’s so odd.”

DM now, sugar baby deserved to be spoiled immediately’ and ‘promise to treat you well’ are among the comments. The pair also received one comment from a female sugar baby requesting Billy’s attention.

However, Sam and Billy maintain an optimistic attitude and disregard the criticism.

‘We are two passionate, creative, adventurous people who met in this life,’ Sam explained.

‘We’ve both been through a lot in our lives and like trying new things together.’ We like travel, fantastic food, and one-of-a-kind lifestyle.’

When Sam returned from Italy and took a job at Billy’s restaurant, the pair met. They didn’t meet until a month into her work, but when they did, the 25-year-old claims they ‘instantly bonded.’

‘I never felt worried by the age disparity,’ Sam added. It’s almost on brand for me as a person—I don’t live a regular life.

‘Billy simply loves me so much and helps me in so many ways that my age no longer even enters my mind.’

‘Mentally, I’m younger,’ Billy added. ‘It’s just life experience, but I have a different perspective on how to deal with various difficulties.’

‘That’s cool, as long as we have excellent communication and respect for one other, there’s nothing we can’t work out,’ he said.

‘As for hostility from others, that is their problem. I try to mind my own business and not to worry what others have to say.’

Billy and Sam’s families have both expressed their love for the couple, who moved in together in 2020.

‘In the beginning the age gap was definitely hard for others, not so much us. I mean we’re part of two different generations so communication can be difficult at times, but we always get to solid ground eventually,’ said Sam.

‘The age gap is sometimes a scapegoat for people that don’t actually know us at all to look down on our relationship.

‘They just notice the gap and write us off completely, without knowing the depth of our actual connection.

‘Our primary issue has simply been judgement from others, but as we realised it was their fears and that they knew nothing about us, we realised their judgement didn’t matter.’

‘Every now and again, a bartender would refer to him as my father or something, but we just laugh it off.’

Because it’s not often simple for partners to work and live together, Sam and Billy have decided to keep their relationship separate from the business.

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