Tennis ace refused to change her red knickers after violating Wimbledon’s dress-code

Wimbledon’s dress code has been a source of contention since 2007, when French talent Tatiana Golovin arrived at SW19 wearing red underwear and a dress with red embroidery.

Tatiana Golovin gave Wimbledon rule-makers cause for concern in 2007 (Image: Popperfoto via Getty Images)

Tatiana Golovin, a French ace, defied Wimbledon’s outdated dress rule by wearing red underwear during a match at SW19 in 2007.

Several celebrities have attempted to skirt the All England Club’s rigorous attire requirements throughout the years, but few have succeeded. Naomi Broady, a British favourite, was forced to play without a bra in 2014, while two younger players were forced to change their underwear after breaking the dress rule in 2017.

But, 15 years ago, Golovin disregarded the norms with her crimson outfit. The former Roland Garros Mixed Doubles winner walked onto the court wearing tomato-colored underwear and a dress with red embroidery at the waist.

Given some of the gear that has been rejected at Wimbledon over the years, no one would have been shocked if the French tennis star was instructed to change before the match.

According to Reuters, Golovin was granted the go light after lengthy debates regarding hemlines and where they began and ended.

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Golovin turned up with red underwear on (Image: PA)

A Wimbledon representative at the time explained the decision, saying, “They were cleared with the referee in advance by the player.”

“Because they are underpants, they do not have to adhere to the mostly white guideline. If they are longer than the hemline, they are considered undergarments rather than shorts.”

Wimbledon’s dress code, on the other hand, has changed. “Any undergarments that are or can be visible during play (including owing to sweat) must likewise be totally white save for a single trim of colour no broader than one centimetre (10mm),” according to the tournament’s official website.

The French ace didn’t last long at Wimbledon at any rate (Image: PA Archive/PA Images)

After defeating Su-Wei Hsieh 5-7, 6-3, 8-6, Golovin addressed the issue of her red knickers. “Can I ask you about your knickers?” inquired one journalist.

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